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Illustration of the "Customer experience: an original approach to communicate efficiently" post

Customer experience is all about bringing the consumer into the universe of the brand, providing a unique and unforgettable experience. The product itself is just one element of the experience. It can be applied to products, services and also to marketing. It is important to understand consumer behaviour, in order to create an emotional bond with the brand. One way of doing this is to understand and visualise the “customer journey” (the different stages of a customer’s interactions with a company/brand), and to identify what can be improved at each stage of the journey.

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Spotter and CB News launch #AdBossDigitalBuzz

Published on the first Tuesday of each month, #AdBossDigitalBuzz showcases the top 10 personalities with maximum visibility on social media and other online media sources. Based on a panel of over a 1,000 web sources and French social networks, the ranking follows news and digital discussions of France’s 45 most influential advertising personalities.

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