Quality is our commitment

Your satisfaction our driving force

Accurate data

All social networks and main types of media

Decision making tools

Alerts, newsletters, dashboards, reports, ad-hoc studies

Ongoing innovation

30% of revenue invested in Research & Development

Precise analysis

Valuable insights in more than 30 languages

Proven expertise

Over 15 years of experience in monitoring and analysis

Reliable data management

More than 1 million documents qualified everyday

Technology is just a means, not an end-goal in itself

Our team will advise you on the definition of your project scope, the organisation of the analytical structure, and will accompany you through the setup stages to ensure that users get the most out of our tools and training.

We will remain present throughout the project, with support ranging from quality control to the assignment of an external monitoring team you can count on.

A user-friendly interface at your service

Our modular architecture enables us to create specific access conditions for different user profiles (teams, departments, subsidiaries) in order to maximise the efficiency of the tools.

Our dashboards can combine several levels, offering simple navigation with multiple levels of analysis. From your platform, you can publish graphs, newsletters and alerts, or share, qualify and annotate documents.

You can explore your data by using simple search queries, applying text-mining operations instantly, managing your sources, search queries and users... in just a few clicks.

Save precious time with our Client Support

You decide on the level of client support that you would like to have in your project. From the configuration of the platform to the qualification/analysis/filtering of the data, the production and publication of alerts, and creation of syntheses & reports.

We train your users on how to use the platform and make the best of our deliverables, but we also provide training on the definition of analytical models and the production of deliverables by your team.

Innovation is always at the heart of our developments

Our R&D department is constantly innovating and looking for new ways to provide a better user experience for our clients.

We work with the intent of creating new or improved technology to deliver innovative products and services. In addition, our collaborative approach allows customers and employees to regularly contribute with their own ideas of innovation.


These companies have chosen Akio Spotter

Spotter has become an essential tool for us to follow our online reputation. The advanced monitoring and analysis capabilities of the Pulse platform, combined with the expertise of Spotter's team of professionals, have proven to be key to the improvement of our Communications strategies. Its multiple features allow us to deepen the analysis of our data and obtain relevant insights about our latest actions.

Jean-Yves Larour - Communications Director, Harmonie Mutuelle

Spotter’s pan-European solutions give us the possibility to centralise all of our monitoring and analysis in one easy to use platform. The system enables us to improve and validate the PR decisions we take and can be used by our own teams to create extra added-value deliverables for our clients.

Sandra Bumbar-Malchow - Group Account Director - International Communication, mc Group

Thanks to Spotter, we have a very flexible solution to monitor our corporate and digital reputation and obtain valuable information about our customers’ insights, which keeps managers and the Marketing Team informed. Being a company that is always at the centre of media attention, it is great to count on a proactive and professional team in our daily work.

Jean-Charles Tréhan - VP Communications, Air France

Spotter has helped us to identify key influencers, measure the impact of our messages and truly understand what our stakeholders (customers, competitors...) are saying on social media. With the Pulse platform we are able to enrich continuously our ambassadors and detractors knowledge and to better manage our communities.

Daniel Lemin - Head of Community Management, PagesJaunes

With its broad media coverage and complete social media monitoring combined with actionable insights, Spotter has quickly become a major contributor to the evaluation of the media impact of our actions. The relevance of the analysis provided by Spotter and the responsiveness of its solution help us to adjust quickly our communication strategy.

Hélène Abraham - EVP Sales, Marketing and Product, Hop!

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