Stay on top of relevant information



News and posts travel fast. Never lose any information about your brand, products and competition



Be informed when sensitive information is published about your brand, competitors or any other topic.

Setup real-time alerts that can be sent by email or SMS as soon as sensitive information is detected and/or choose to have tailored alerts based on a certain level of risk, specific sources or influencers.



Compile and share the latest and most relevant information.

Include syntheses explained via trends and KPIs, or simply share the latest top stories.

Newsletters can be sent to a selected group of users or to all of your team members.


Receive the right information at the right time



Alerts on threats or variations in risk levels detected in your data, based on content, sources and/or relevance.


Alerts based on a specific list of influencers or warnings triggered when new influencers are detected.


Newsletters made up of a selection of “must-read” stories during a chosen period of time and a summary highlighting the key issues.


Detailed newsletters that include key indicators and a synthesis of evolving trends about the topics and/or markets that you monitor.

Our Alerts and Newsletters are composed of data that is 100% relevant, validated by the team dedicated to your project, and based on a qualification grid that is defined with you. 

Real-time alerts are delivered automatically, according to a selection of sources and themes in order to limit the risk of irrelevant data. They are delivered without prior validation.

The categorisation of your data by level of importance is a subjective variable, which implies an understanding of your organisation and industry, as well as subjects that are important to you.

We therefore establish the criteria for the evaluation of importance, tone and risk at the beginning of the project. We then refine and adapt them throughout the course of the project.

We propose several formats and layouts, which can be customised with specific graphical elements. We can even develop customised formats if necessary.

Compatible with smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices, our Alerts and Newsletters are published by email, SMS or xml. They can also be published and archived on the Pulse platform.