Akio | Spotter Club 2016

The Akio | Spotter Club took place on July 6th 2016, at the Particulier Eurosites hotel in Paris. Some of our clients, such as BNP Paribas, Hellobank!, CREPA, DILA, Engie, Air France, Harmony Mutuelle Hop!, La Halle, Swisslife, Voyages-SNCF, Orange, SFR, were present to share their experiences and discover - with the help of our experts - our latest products.


At 8:30, all participants were welcomed with a tasty breakfast, followed by a conference, a round table and a workshop. The morning period, which was dedicated to Customer Service and Social Analytics, ended at 2pm with a cocktail buffet that extended the interactions among participants and promoted networking.


The conference held by Benoit Chaix, Product Director, and Gil Francopoulo, Akio’s Linguistics Expert, presented our latest innovations and included the semantic analysis of the customer voice module, as well as their vision about Akio and Spotter’s products for years ahead.


Emmanuel Olivié-Paul, Associate Director at Markess, an independent research firm, introduced a panel discussion called "The convergence of businesses, an imperative step towards achieving customer service excellence" by presenting 4 digital innovations for customer experience: better analysis and usage of customer data, leveraging the potential of mobile usage, developing real-time collaboration, and unifying communications for a more effective omnichannel customer journey. Amira Gharbi, Happiness Customer Project Manager at Sarenza, then shared her vision of the cross-channel customer experience: "The customer experience at Sarenza must be different: more personal and caring. We try to make our customers happy regardless of the channel where the relationship begins, and to end the customer journey on a pleasant note.Dominique Ferrer, Customer Insights Analyst and Angélique Merveilleux du Vignaux, in charge of Media Monitoring and Analysis - who are both from Air France - went on to speak about their project with Spotter, the analytics and social brand of Akio, explaining "How Air France manages to listen to social customer conversations to better understand their expectations, opinions and experiences" and "How AF-KLM monitors media coverage online and offline and manages its reputation more effectively.


Exchanges between Markess, Sarenza and Air France have shown that, more than ever, Customer Service, Marketing and Communications departments must manage conversations in real time in order to improve the customer experience and protect brand reputation.


Participants then had the option of choosing from 2 workshops led by our team of experts: "The KPIs of omnichannel customer relationships" or "Improving customer knowledge by listening to social conversations.”


We were glad to be able to gather many brilliant minds from different clients in one place, learn more from the customer service challenges, and present our ominichannel solutions to help them achieve excellence.


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