Spotter and CB News launch #AdBossDigitalBuzz

Spotter together with CB News launched #AdBossDigitalBuzz, to measure digital buzz ranking of leading lights in the French advertising industry.



Published on the first Tuesday of each month, #AdBossDigitalBuzz showcases the top 10 personalities with maximum visibility on social media and other online media sources. Based on a panel of over a 1,000 web sources and French social networks, the ranking follows news and digital discussions of France’s 45 most influential advertising personalities.


#AdBossDigitalBuzz shows two indicators: the first to establish Share of Voice ranking of each ad boss in online media; the second to establish the same ranking with social networks by carefully separating earned and owned media. Spotter and CB News will analyse the monthly results to substantiate any changes in ranking evolution.


Spotter harvests, filters and analyses all data mentioning the 45 most influential advertising personalities. Spotter’s semantic analytics efficiently deals with the problem of same names as well as context in which proper nouns appear.


For online media, only news related to the personality’s role as a director of the advertising or communication agency is taken into account. For social media, all discussions are harvested regardless of context. Spotter provides customers with useful and relevant insights with proven methodologies and software developed by the R&D team, since the company was formed 15 years ago.


Discover the most prominent personalities in the CB Newsletter and on @Spotter_FR: Dominique Delport and Maurice Levy, August’s buzz leaders


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Céline Molina

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