Qatar National Sport Day

For the first time ever for a Middle East event, SPOTTER will give real-time access to a Live Dashboard presenting the coverage and engagement on Qatar National Sport Day.


Leader in Media & Social Media Analytics, Spotter monitors and stream-lines information and provides private and public organisations with valuable insights to make decisions and engage with their customers and citizens locally, regionally and worldwide.


SPOTTER's solutions, designed for flexibility and reliability, are used for Reputation Management, Risk Assessment and Customer/Citizen Intelligence.


SPOTTER and its Qatari partner MEDIATREE, were very keen to make a contribution to Qatar National Sport Day, a major event where all public and private organisations work together to promote sport and well-being for the population and employees.


With the Live Dashboard of SPOTTER's new generation app - SPOTTERPULSE - event organisers can follow in real time all Twitter conversations and Online media coverage from Arabic and English speaking sources about Qatar National Sport Day (@Qatar_NSD).


Before, during and after the event, all interested parties can access the platform to view the 4 Dashboards - "Timeline", "Engagement", "Organisations", "Influencers" - and get the answers to the following questions:

| What is the global visibility of the event?

| How does the visibility evolve during the event day?

| What is the level of engagement of the population in Qatar? and abroad?

| What sports, locations and organisations gain the highest level of interest?

| How do organisers and sponsors communicate before, during and after the event?


"SPOTTERPULSE is a real-time platform that allows organisers of different types of events - Sports, Corporate, Business, TV Shows, Cinema Festivals, etc, to rapidly monitor coverage and engagement so that they can evaluate the success of their event and better understand their public opinions and expectations." declared Ana Athayde, CEO Spotter.


"We were very keen to make a contribution to Qatar National Sport Day and to show our engagement to implement the most adapted tools for Qatari organisations. SPOTTERPULSE is a new generation app designed and powered by Spotter's 15 years experience in analytics. We at Spotter believe implicitly that humans drive technology to guarantee quality" concluded Ana Athayde.


Visit the Live Dashboard of Qatar National Sport Day:'s picture

Céline Molina

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