Ana Athayde during her conference at the Reputation war event

For the first time ever at a French event, Spotter will project real-time resonance and engagement as Reputation War attendees and external interested parties tweet. Spotter’s new generation app, Spotter Pulse, tailored to Reputation War’s conference programme, will qualify and analyse all #ReputationWar tweets and rank the profilic and impactful influencers who generate interest and debate within their communities. Likewise, throughout the conference, all interested parties can access Spotter’s Reputation War platform to view the 4 dashboards and filter results. After the conference, it will be possible to access and review the results as inputted by Spotter’s analysts.


“Spotter Pulse is a real-time platform that allows event organisers, as in this case Reputation War, reputation specialists within companies and agencies to rapidly monitor resonance and engagement so they can steer decisions.” declared Ana Athayde, CEO Spotter. “Spotter Pulse is a new generation app designed and powered by Spotter’s 15 years experience in analytics. We at Spotter believe implicitly that humans drive technology to guarantee quality.” concluded Athayde.'s picture

Rafael Catay

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