Data Marketing

The "Data Marketing" annual event gathered Directors from a variety of areas: Marketing, CRM, Big Data, Analytics, and others. The event took place on May 25th, 2015 at the Maison des Centraliens hotel in central Paris.


The event was sponsored by Spotter, the social media and analytics brand at Akio. Many digital players came together to discuss solutions, tools and innovations for customer knowledge, and to analyse trends for customer relationship and marketing intelligence.


Spotter - along with famous brands Lacoste, Air France and B&B Hotel - spoke about a current and hot topic: "Social Media Intelligence: how to take advantage of social networks and maximise you Marketing ROI by connecting directly to your customers."


Ana Athayde, Marketing & International Strategy Director at Akio | Spotter, provided the audience with concrete examples of how brands use monitoring tools and social network analysis to better engage with their audiences, understand their needs, and anticipate risks.