900 leaders participated in this prestigious digital and e-commerce meetup at the luxurious Marriot Rive Gauche hotel on February 18th, 2015. Organized by a company called Oneplace, the Web2Business event was really enjoyable. The event was composed of keynotes, conferences and networking cocktails where all participants discussed, among other things, Big Data, Open Innovation, social networks, platforms, Uberization. It was a great opportunity for leaders to present their successful businesses, share best practises, discover innovative providers, and be inspired by speakers.


Spotter - one of the event’s partners - presented their complete listening and analytics system of media coverage and social media, and its combination with the unified customer conversational platform provided by Akio. Daniel Lemin, Head of Community Management at Solocal/PagesJaunes, was joined by Ana Athayde, our Marketing and Strategy Director, at the "E-reputation strategy and e-influence: profile your influencers to better control your engagement strategy” conference presentation.


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