• By using the Spotter Pulse platform you can easily track relevant
    Transform data into actionable insights
    conversations, analyse how your messages spread across
    all media, and understand customers' expectations accurately.


A complete media & social media monitoring and analysis environment - available in the Cloud




Explore data with Analytics, the heart of our platform. Search, organise, annotate, qualify, analyse, share and publish accurate data. Enjoy its flexibility and create unlimited graphs and widgets.



Visualise data, indicators, KPIs and scores with our interactive dashboards and reports. Benefit from several levels of analysis to discover additional insights. Customisable and easy to use.



Activate administration functions and obtain total control of your project: sources, search keywords, data filtering, categorisation queries, mass qualification, profiles and user management.



Compile, structure, leverage and share all insights about your brand, competitors and customers. Empower your team to easily share relevant information from the field and keep the whole company informed.


Examine your data to achieve better results

Spotter helps you make smarter decisions by providing real-time alerts by email and sms,
and state-of-the-art deliverables that contain comprehensive interpretation and in-depth
analysis of online & traditional media coverage and social conversations.


Our experienced and multilingual team of experts will do the job for you, or help your
team to produce and customise newsletters and reports in multiple languages to be
shared throughout your company.


| Noise free, qualified information only

| Precise analysis of sentiment, importance and risk

| Customised performance indicators and scores

| Close customer support throughout the whole project



Benefit from the flexibility of our services and achieve outstanding results


Our support, training and guidance throughout the project will help your team to be autonomous and make the most of the Pulse platform features.

Real-time delivery of key data and insights by email or SMS, enabling you to stay on top of your brand, products, competitors, market trends or any other subject.

Obtain a global overview of any media & social media buzz and measure the impact of key events or sensitive situations. Track influencers' and journalists' actions.

Acquire a deep understanding about the social activities of your stakeholders and the opinions of your customers, identify media trends and measure your ROI.