Insights that improve your decision-making process



Obtain in-depth analysis from our team of experts



Recurring analysis reports produced weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, according to the specific needs of your project.


| Made up of quantitative and qualitative indicators, analytical summaries and quotations, they provide a detailed analysis of the evolution of subjects that you are interested in.


Ad hoc Studies

Ad hoc studies carried out on demand in order to find answers to a specific question.


| They can cover all time frames, such as days, weeks, months or years, in order to evaluate the impact of a specific event, analyse the reactions of your stakeholders to sensitive situations or identify the expectations of the media, influencers or customers on a specific topic.


Use our analysis to your advantage



Stakeholders’ opinions and expectations of targeted people.


Strategies to your media and social media environment.


The efficiency of your actions and the success of your messages.


Emerging trends and new opportunities as well as media and social media risks.

We combine both quantitative and qualitative analysis of data in order to provide precise feedback on coverage in traditional, online and social media: arguments and tone of opinions expressed, themes at the heart of the debate, level of visibility, share of voice, impact, propagation, influence.

We follow a precise analysis protocol, respecting industry standards, and guarantee quality control throughout the analysis production process.

Our metrics combine data from text-mining and the metadata linked to sources, authors, comments, or any other data that may be relevant to your project.

Our decisional scores are based on unique algorithms for your sector of activity, industry and/or type of sources, and can take into account external data too, such as credit risk, CRM data, country risk, sales, AVE, audience etc.

We setup specific metrics, adapted to the needs of each project, which includes the social-cultural differences/similarities of the geographical zones that are being analysed.

We propose several formats for the layout of your deliverables, which can be customised to fit in with the graphic identity of your brand. We can also develop tailor-made formats if you so require.

Our Reports and Ad hoc Studies are delivered by email in PDF format or displayed online in a Dynamic Report. They can also be published and archived on your dedicated platform.