To discover how to easily leverage your insights within your company


A collaborative platform to enrich, share and publish your content and knowledge


Leverage your content

Allow your team to easily share information they get from the field across the whole company about competitors, partners or customers.

Publish and centralise alerts, newsletters and reports produced by different departments, through an interactive platform designed for all mobile devices.

Structure your knowledge

Categorise, compile and struture insights about your brand, competitors or customers and share them.

Enrich your knowledge continously by combining online publications selected and provided by Spotter with internal content produced by your services or external content uploaded by the community.

Empower your team

Provide the perfect tool for all of your employees to stay on the top of your brand, competitors or market news, and help them setup their own alerts according to their needs.

Encourage collaboration by creating communities of internal users and contributors to enhance insights and fuel your thinking and decision-making processes.


Explore your data with no limitation



Visualise the latest news of each topic in one simple click. Use the advanced search engine to add other filters, drill down into results and identify the most important insights.


Quick and easy integration of documents of all formats: news, blogs, internal documents, studies, reports, newsletters and field information.


Create alerts & newsletters and customise them with textual and visual elements. Publish them in the platform and distribute by email. Archive and have access at any time.


Users can share real-time field information and access reports posted on the go. The messaging feature encourages users to express their opinions and comments.

The administration interface is flexible and efficient when creating newsletters, alerts and integrating field information. This sort of flexibility complements well with the vast amount of data available. Users and contributors are structured by categories, which makes community management easy. Field information goes through an approval process to ensure relevancy and legitimacy, while promoting engagement among the community of contributors.

The interface is user-friendly and designed to stimulate teams to use the platform as much as they can and engage more among themselves.


| Customisable alerts: be regularly informed about any topic.


Exclusive selection of documents: compile a fixed set of documents for further reflection and analysis.


Dynamic queries: save a query based on the filters of your choice and have quick access to the latest information. Configure alerts based on a query and adjust them at any time.

Online data: delivered by Spotter and updated daily.


Internal documents: produced and shared by the departments of the company.


Informative documents: produced and updated by the administrators of the platform and displayed as dashboards: corporate profiles, key figures, etc.


Reports and studies: available in the platform to a specific category of users.


External information: gathered by users and validated by administrators to ensure relevance.