Akio | Spotter

Where customers and brands meet

Spotter joined Akio at the end of 2014 to converge marketing, communications & customer service to provide brands and customers with a mutual benefit.


We help our clients to:

Manage brand reputation across different media in multiple geographical zones.

Improve social marketing strategies and influencer engagement.

Analyse customer experience and identify patterns of communication between consumers and brands.


We go beyond brand and product reputation to monitor trust and customer loyalty. With vast experience and know-how in the management of international and worldwide projects, we support our clients wherever their business or strategic interests are located.

Synergies between Akio & Spotter

Unified cross-channel customer conversational platform combined with a complete listening
and analytics system of media coverage, social conversations and customers feedback

Akio Unified

Drive all of your customer interactions and conversations on a unified platform

CX Analytics
Akio Analytics

Decrypt and understand your customers and prospects opinions and behaviours

Akio Spotter

Listen and analyse social conversations and online & traditional media coverage

A 360° view of customers and brands

All channels  •  All media  •  Worldwide

Customer Channels

Post & Fax


Printed Press,
TV & Radio
Online Media
& Websites
& Forums
& Mobile Apps


Dynamic, quality-oriented, customer centric

Innovating and keeping up-to-date with the most recent R&D technologies makes working at Spotter a rewarding and valuable challenge.

Paulo Rodrigues - R&D Engineer

I consider myself lucky to work among people that are team-driven. At Spotter, we work in a way that puts teams’ goals ahead of individual glory and allows you to grow as a professional and person.

Rafael Catay - Marketing Executive & Sales Support

The R&D culture at Spotter is very exciting. The development strategy setup means that the IT team has plenty of innovative projects to work on, aiming to provide the highest quality tools to our clients.

Pábulo Silva - R&D Engineer

After eight years, I could speak about working in an international and dynamic environment with a talented production team. I could also tell you about the quality of our analysis and our continuous motivation. But I will simply say what defines us best: we are one big family.

Aurélien Barry - Head of Strategic Analysis

Working side by side with a passionate team and being able to fulfill clients' requests positively is a great source of motivation for me.

Joel Rosas - Project Leader

The variety of activities is what I like most about Spotter. The many daily challenges allowed me to grow as a professional and as a person.

Marta Sousa - Sourcing & Quality

Having started as a trainee at Spotter, it has been fantastic to have the opportunity to progress through several roles and to now be responsible for taking Spotter’s services to the Middle East market. I particularly appreciate the multi-cultural team and the international vision that is so vital to our company.

Rabih Khalil - Middle East Account Executive

The challenge of managing several high profile clients and the satisfaction taken in providing strategic high level deliverables to help them in their decision making process is what I appreciate most in my role at Spotter. The fantastic ambiance within the team is also a major positive point.

Adeline Salvetat - Head of Content

At Spotter we take pride in providing high quality services for all of our clients. Striving for excellence in a multi-cultural and international environment makes Spotter a fantastic place to work.

Richard Weetman - Sales Manager

I really enjoy working at Spotter as it is a place where you are able to expand your experience, but above all, make sure your skills make a difference. New and exciting challenges are always part of my daily activities.

Céline Molina - Communications Manager

At Spotter we work very close to all of our customers and consider that all projects are team projects. My primary and most important motivation is to help customers to make the best of our products and services. Their success becomes my personal goal.

Christine Bonnin - Analytics Chief Operating Officer

Spotter has provided me with the opportunity to work in an innovative international environment. I get to work with a fantastic group of minds when developing new products and together we bring innovation to all of our customers.

Marine Guillerm - Product Owner

The fun, and yet professional work environment is what I love the most at Spotter, mostly because the mutual support between my colleagues, and the management team. Making sure our clients are happy with their projects is what keeps me inspired and motivated.

Adrienn Kispál - Project Manager