To find out what makes Analytics the heart of our solution


Endless possibilities to explore your data



| Explore and analyse your data with our text-mining and linguistic functions

| Visualise results via semantic tag clouds and graphs

| Export search results, graphs and key indicators

Filter & Refine

| Filter and qualify your collected data

| Modify and refine topics and subtopics

| Automatic detection of entities, direct and indirect speech, hashtags and mentions


| Comment and share your analyses and thoughts with other platform users

| Add summaries or post-it notes to documents

| Translate search results and manage multilingual information


| Organise personal folders according to specific topics

| Create and archive search queries and graphs

| Suggest graphs or posts to be displayed on Newsletters, Dashboards or in Reports


| Produce and setup alerts, newsletters and press reviews and distribute them across your company

| Personalise mailing lists or send documents to specific people on an ad hoc basis

Make sense of data and gain a real competitive advantage



Multiple sources in one platform: Printed Press, Online Media, Social Media, TV & Radio, Websites, Forums, Blogs, Reviews, CRM data, Customer Surveys and more.


We can handle all types of data and extract only the relevant metadata: articles, posts, comments, videos, images, or PDF/XLS/Word documents.


We blend selected sources with open web monitoring that allows you to discover new relevant sources of information and influencers.


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Dailymotion, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Sina Weibo, iTunes, Google Play, Tianji, Tudou and others.


We handle more than 30 languages in-house and have the capability and the know-how to manage any language or alphabet, including Chinese, Russian and Arabic.


Our proprietary technology collects and analyses more than 20 million documents daily. It is fully adapted to the continuous growth of social media conversations.

Take advantage of our powerful search engine that combines full-text, metadata and text-mining functionalities. Automatically discover named entities or people that are quoted, indirect speech and semantic tag clouds.

Identify hashtags, mentions and vocabulary used on Twitter and in other social posts. Identify and follow shared URLs. Benefit from advanced search operators to create intelligent queries and obtain an efficient data treatment and categorisation workflow.

Explore our qualification capacities by structuring your results by topic, subtopic, type of media and/or groups of sources. Analyse the sentiment, levels of risk and importance, or any other qualitative variable that may be useful for your project.

Spotter experts will support your team throughout the project to ensure the relevance and efficiency of your monitoring plan. We will help you to adjust your existing queries and create new ones whenever necessary. We will train and guide your analysts so that they can get the best out of our advanced technology.

Create, visualise and distribute your Newsletters, Alerts or Press Reviews directly from the Pulse platform.

Use your dedicated analysis folders zone to manage your study corpuses, search queries and graphs.

Produce your own reports, barometers and ad hoc studies.

Identify your communities and measure the social influence of your brands, identify your key influencers and create targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Developed and designed by our Innovation Team, the Spotter Influence Score measures the social influence of Twitter users within a defined period of time and specific fields of interest, sectors of activity, or topics, bringing context to your brand’s influencer strategy.