Use our Dashboards to attain your marketing objectives



Visualise all data and KPIs through interactive dashboards & dynamic reports



| Navigate through interactive dashboards

| Setup as many levels of analysis as necessary

| Zoom in on indicators and explore data

| Get instant access to relevant documents


Customise and manage your dashboards

Add graphs, images, videos, syntheses and your own selection of documents

Modify widgets and create additional levels of analysis


Discover the new generation of dynamic reports, adapted to be displayed on all mobile devices

Choose the metrics, KPIs and scores that you want to follow and define your report template

The future of dashboards



Have several layers of analysis that go further than a standard dashboard by offering a dynamic analysis process. Navigate through different dashboards and zoom into widgets to get a deeper understanding of your project data.


Each dashboard meets a specific business objective and presents the key indicators that matter to meet your needs: campaign impact, public relations efficiency, social accounts activity, influence mapping, customer experience, etc.


You can edit the content of widgets at any time to update your synthesis and customise your project dashboards. You can also create new dashboards that are adapted to your analysis needs and audiences, with a personalised layout and design.


Our dashboards and dynamic reports are fully compatible with iPads or any other tablet and smartphone, which is very handy for top managers and users on the go. You can easily access all of your data and KPIs wherever you are.

Made up of customisable and clickable widgets from our decisional library, the dashboards offer an in-depth vision of the data picked up through monitoring.

Within a single project, you can have different types of dashboards, designed to meet the needs of different user groups (Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Community Managers, Top Management, Client Relations, Human Resources, Financing, etc) and/or to deal with specific topics (the Company, its Representatives, your Products, Competition, Peers, Market, Influencers, etc).

What’s Up: integrated by default in your platform, this type of dashboard presents the key metrics and indicators of your project and displays the latest news.


Influencers: this dashboard allows you to follow your key influencers as well as your communities, and measure the impact they have on your brand.


Insights: based on specific analytical models, these dashboards provide the insights that you need to manage your activities (Campaigns Impact, Public Relations Measurement, Competitor Benchmark, Customer Experience Analysis, and others).


Scorecards: this range of dashboards display specific project scores (Brand Reputation, Customer Satisfaction, Media Risk) and allows you to follow their evolution overtime.


Dynamic Reports: fully customised, these types of reports allow you to have an innovative and interactive way of publishing your analytical reports in a digital format adapted to tablets and smartphones.

The calculation of graphical widgets and scores is entirely automated. The content widgets can be produced and edited at any time by the administrator of the dashboard.

During the setup phase of your personalised dashboard, we will advise you on the choice of the analytical model that is most adapted to your project and available in our widget library. We also create tailor-made widgets to meet specific analytical requirements.

We offer several levels of analysis, with the possibility to setup links between dashboards. By clicking on a widget, you either go to a new dashboard, zoom in on another specific graph, or have direct access to the articles, posts, comments, tweets, etc.

The content of the widgets and the organisation of the dashboard can be customised for each user profile.