Cutting-edge Technology

Analyse media coverage, social conversations and customers feedback


Proprietary technology that can collect
and analyses tons of data

Cloud based

Built for seamless integration
with third-party technologies


Dashboards and alerts compatible
with any mobile devices and tablets

Tracking & Collection

Real-time cross media monitoring

Source discovery and mapping

Specific panel of sources per industry/project

Automatic clipping with multi-format extraction

Multiple filtering based on advanced query language

Extraction of geolocalisation data from social media

Content Analysis

Linguistic and semantic analysis

Automatic entity detection

Coreference and reported speech extraction

Ontologies and knowledge database

| Detailed sentiment analysis

| Automatic synthesis

Business Models

Analytical models per industry

Quantitative and qualitative metrics

Key performance indicators adapted to your project

Influence, Reputation and Customer Satisfaction scores

Segmentation of targeted audiences

Mapping of sources and influencers

Decision Making Tools

Real-time alerts

Targeted newsletters

Dashboards with multiple layers of analysis

Comprehensive analytical reports

Platform in the cloud, no installation needed

Custom solutions for each profile

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Spotter Scores

  • Spotter Social Influence Score
  • Spotter Brand Reputation Score
  • Spotter Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Spotter Media Risk Score

Analytical Models

  • Spotter Customer Journey Grid
  • Spotter Reputation Analytical Grid
  • Spotter Corporate Risks Grid
  • Spotter Leads Detection Grid

Knowledge Libraries

  • Spotter Ontologies per industry
  • Spotter Widgets Library
  • Insights Dashboards & Scorecards
  • Panel of sources per industry/type of project