Power your strategy with our analytical support



Acquire a quick global overview about any given brand, topic or event



Detailed reports, presenting a precise analysis of the situation at a given time, along with key indicators that put the main results into perspective and a selection of quotations and key documents.

Weekly or monthly for regular reports

Delivered within 2 to 5 days for ad hoc reports



Presented in the form of an infographic, they include mappings and indicators that show the key events and the evolution of coverage.

Daily or weekly production for regular barometers

Delivered within 1 to 3 days for ad hoc barometers



Understand the situation quicker and make smarter decisions



Measure the impact of your events or sensitive situations with infographics that display the key media and social media figures and opinion trends.


Analyse the positioning of influencers through maps that show the latest changes in opinion and sentiment.


Identify how and when information spread across media and social media, and evaluate the virality and audience.


Execute thorough analysis for a precise understanding of the news and conversations with detailed analysis structured by theme, sentiment, media, source and country.

Our mapping and indicators allow you to visualise complex information at a simple glance and to follow their evolution over time: mapping of sources, journalists and influencers’ opinions, ecosystem of digital communities, swot analysis, risk assessment, and more.

Made up of graphs, mappings and key figures, our Synthesis and Barometers also include a summary that puts major events into perspective with quotations and links to documents in order to illustrate the results.

It includes 2 to 4 pages giving a quick and simple overview of key information. They can be provided before, during and after your key events.

We propose several formats and layouts, which can be customised with specific graphical elements. We can even develop customised formats if necessary.

Delivered by email in PDF format or displayed online in a Dynamic Report, our Synthesis and Barometers can be published and archived on your dedicated platform.