• Giving you the power to listen, analyse and engage
    We support you to overcome the big data challenge by capturing
    the true value of data, thus helping you make better decisions
    with your customers and influencers worldwide


Track the online reputation of your business and key people

Evaluate how your brand image is perceived by media and social media

Identify customers, influencers, employees and journalists' opinions

Follow and engage with your influencers on social media


  • Protect your brand and boost its credibility
  • Evaluate and promote your success



Measure the impact of your campaigns and increase brand awareness

Understand your customer better with audience analysis and segmentation (age, gender, location...)

Analyse your social outreach and discover your followers, fans and ambassadors within your communities

Benchmark your brand, product and campaigns against competitors


  • Obtain detailed metrics per targeted audience and location
  • Get comprehensive insight and improve your outreach

Public Relations

Measure the efficiency of your PR activities

Follow your performance indicators and improve your ROI

React to issues quickly to prevent them escalating on social media

Anticipate risks and manage sensitive situations beforehand


  • Maintain a trustworthy brand
  • Strengthen your business image and perception

Market Intelligence

Identify leads on social media and engage

Monitor your competitors and anticipate changes

Keep up with the latest consumer and market trends

Spot market opportunities and make wiser decisions


  • Understand the competition and follow the state of your industry
  • Tailor your marketing effort around customer needs

Customer Service

Include social media as an additional customer service channel to better assist your clients and prospects

Understand customer behavior towards your products and services

Setup and follow your customer journey and measure satisfaction levels across all stages


  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Combine all channels and obtain a unique customer satisfaction score

Crisis Management

Monitor the sentiment of your brand across social media

Identify rumors or threats that could harm your business

Be alerted about negative situations in real time

Anticipate risks linked to your products or services


  • Protect and manage your brand reputation
  • Stay on top of any buzz that could escalate to a major crisis

Make smarter decisions

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